foodculture days est une plateforme transdisciplinaire de partage de connaissances basée à Vevey (Suisse)


4th edition: 26th May to 4th June 2023, Vevey

foodculture days unfolds during a ten days transdisciplinary biennial organized in odd-numbered years in Vevey, Switzerland, and organizes satellite events as well a research phases in even-numbered years. foodculture days is a sprawling platform that achieves its objectives through a variety of actions at different levels (exhibitions, radio shows, publications, cultivation, tree planting, markets, etc.). It proposes moments of encounter where food, plants, minerals and animals are apprehended for what they tell us about our current way of living, as well as the impact that human beings have on their environment.

The biennial is the main project of the platform and aims to be a catalyst for discussion and action through artistic and social claims. It hosts cultural and artistic events (visual arts, performance arts, architecture, documentaries, discussions, meals, walks ...) online and in person with the intention of (re)discovering the multiple meanings and functions of food in daily life, as well as the tangible or imperceptible impacts of our individual and collective choices on the global environment. Every two years, foodculture days takes over the town of Vevey and allows the public to rediscover the city and everyday places (markets, streets, cafes, ...) from a new and poetical perspective. A fundamental ritual of life, the act of eating is approached through the specificities of each invited artist, researcher, activist, academic, producer and chef, treating the object "food" as a medium as well as a plastic, discursive, nutritive and ideological material. 

The programming of the biennale is based on audacity, novelty, critical thinking and openness that the platform is committed to, accordingly applying the values of diversity, sustainability and accessibility for and towards all.