Foodculture days est une plateforme interdisciplinaire d’échange de connaissances basée à Vevey (Suisse)

"From the forests' ashes"

Edition 2020/2021, Chapter 2: 27-30.05.2021

Following the singular Chapter 1: “Only the crumbs shall be kept...”, that took place online on November 26-29th, 2020, and proposed to question food through thirty six sound projects presented on radio 40; foodculture days presents Chapter 2: “From the forests ashes”.

This second part of the biennale wishes to democratize practices and support projects that reflect the reality of our times. Artists, scientists, activists, thinkers, cooks, citizens and producers of culture are invited to present their works next May 27-30, 2021, in a hybrid version: part of the projects will be activated in Vevey (Switzerland), base of foodculture days, and part of the biennial will also take place online, both through a digital platform and a participatory public program, that invites the community to engage in 15 open dialogues.

Chapter 2 reflects the on-going transformation of the swiss and international artists, collectives and professionals with whom foodculture days have been working since 2019. Their proposals reflect the urgency of ecological and social concerns on the rise, increasingly expressed all over the world. 

Moving forward from an Eurocentric vision, and giving way to a (bio)diversity of voices, experiences and perspectives, temporalities are intertwined: the gestures of the past, whose repercussions still vibrate, nurture a present that questions potential futures. Materials take over the city: architecture becomes edible, water from fountains turns into an urban river, and the supermarket into the theatre of our lands. They are transformed into matters of investigations, courses of sensibilities to imagine livable futures for the many, not the few.

Chapter 2 also takes the shape of a print version following the invitation of the Berlin based street newspaper The Arts of Working Class. For their May/June issue, “Food Eats the Soul”, foodculture days produced the 16 pages “Extra Blatt'', re-visiting archives of our previous editions, extrapolating new from the old and inviting thinkers that gravitate around the topics to add their voices.

We look forward to hosting you in any of the biennale’s temporary territories, and to gathering our imaginaries to investigate, and perceive, the urgency of the present times.